October, 2012

Attend the public training session!

Let the theory come alive: Do you want to be a diplomat, too? Then we’ve got something for you:

Public Training Session on Nov. 7!

Date: Nov 7, 2012.
Location: Room 1180 (TUM Stammgelände)
Time: From 7pm to 10pm
Registration: training@worldmun.de



Simply come by, take the role of a country and find out what it’s like to debate with other students about current political issues. Those issues will be serious, but debating them is nothing but a lot of fun. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced MUNer doesn’t matter; only your arguments do!

Send an email to training@worldmun.de to find out more!

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Join Delegation 2013 now – with MUNTUM to Australia!

Dear students,


MUNTUM has been very successful this year in acquiring seats for delegates in MUN conferences worldwide. Due to this large quantity of seats we might be able to give some of them to you!

Of course, the delegation we have already selected gets access to conference seats first, but depending on their preferences you might get lucky and join the team right now just weeks before the conferences begin.

The most prestigious MUN conference of course is WorldMUN. This year, the conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia (Check out the official WorldMUN webpage). Since we got lucky in the seat acquiring process, chances are quite good for you to go on a trip to Melbourne, Australia which we promise you will never forget!

Did we get you interested? Send a short e-mail to join-now@worldmun.de to find out about how to join the project.

We’d be glad to share the MUN experience with you!






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Learn from the Masters IV

The Presidential Race in the US intensifies. Watch the two vice presidential candidates battle on stage and learn from their debating skills.

Watch the Vice Presidential Debate on youtube

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Meet Team 2013

During the last months, team 2013 of MUNTUM e.V. has been preparing for upcoming Model United Nations Conferences worldwide. Now that the winter term has begun, team 2013 is excited to apply the theoretical knowledge to practice. The MUN conferences they are preparing for are almost here. Meet them personally in the “Teams”-section.

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Learn from the Masters

Preparing for a MUN conference might offen seem stressful and tough. But it can be so much fun at the same time. For example by watching videos from the real rhetorics masters. Check out the following videos and become a debating master yourself!

gty presidential debate10 nt 121003 wblog Fact Checking the Presidential Debate in Denver

Watch the first presidential debate 2012


Watch President Obama at the UN General Assembly

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