Delegation Singapore

Who is in the TU München team at WorldMUN in Singapore?



The event team is the organizing team in the background. We are taking care of the long- and short- term planning. Organizing accommodation for the preparation weekends and the conferences, the transport, food and activities are as much our tasks as the arrangement of trips to the real UN institutions, embassies and other MUN conferences. Moreover we are taking care of the team spirit apart from the regular preparation meetings.

Berit Plumhoff,
Maths 7th Semester
Chong Su Choi,
Medicine 3rd Semester


Draft Resolutions, training simulations, position papers and Rules of Procedure; for the preparation of a delegation all aspects of a MUN conference must be taken into account. Furthermore every single delegate needs more skills in order to act confidently on the diplomatic scene. Starting with a professional handshake and small talk, up to giving ad hoc speeches about serious political topics, there are many things to be trained and tried. The preparation team is taking care of the planning and realization of training sessions in order to transform the team into an authentic, competent and convincing delegation for the next WorldMUN conference.

Diego Selle,
Mechatronics 3rd Semester
Sina Straub,
Maths PhD


The tasks of the Fundraising team are fundamental. We are mainly taking care of the funding of the annual project. Apart from knowledge and commitment, the financial means are an essential part of the realization and sustainability of our project at TUM.

Alexander Binzer,
Business Administration
3rd Semester
Gregor Haidl,
Mechanical Engineering
3rd Semester

Public Relations

The Public Relation team is responsible for the public appearance of our group. This is mainly happening on our web page but we also foster direct PR. We introduce our project to journalists of different newspaper and magazines and compose articles for newspapers of the university. Furthermore we create and update our web page. It should give a comprehensive picture of our work and motivation and is addressing students, supporters, journalists and the interested public.

Christian Briegel,
Mechanical Engineering
Milan Padilla,
Physics 10th Semester

University Contact

The team for the University Contact is the juncture between the TU München and the TUMgoesWorldMUN project. It is taking care of the contacts to the university executive staff and to enhance the connection with the Carl von Linde Akademie. It also includes organizing photo sessions, the provision with seminar rooms and donation requests. We are especially grateful that this year the project can again take place under the patronage of TUM president Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Herrmann.

Leonie Kaster
Medicine 5th Semester


My responsibility is to do the accounting of the delegation. This includes an estimation of the money that will be needed during the project year by the group(). Later on, this task shifts to a new direction. Bills must be collected and stored. The funds of the delegation must be administrated, the incoming payments as well as the spending of the members must be controlled assiduously. At the end of the project, a final report must be composed. This secures that paid cash and funds are well registered, thus ensuring a smooth payback and a high transparency in the cash flow.

Benedikt Dechamps,
Mechanical Engineering
4rd Semester

Faculty Advisor

The Faculty Advisor is usually a member of a former delegation. I have accomplished this year’s team with my experiences from the start on, by carrying out the application process and interviews. The FA creates a rough strategic plan for the project year. Throughout the year the FA is responsible for the preparation cohesion of the team, the support of the group and each single delegate. Therefore the FA works strongly together with the preparation team, gives homework and advice. The weekly meetings as well as training simulations are chaired by the FA. During the conference the FA supports and motivates the delegates and connects the team with other delegations.

Yvonne Boose,
WorldMUN Den Haag
Physics 8th Semester