Join Us!


Assume the role of a diplomat during the upcoming academic year 2017-2018 and represent different countries at the upcoming international Model United Nations conferences!

Delegation 17/18

Members of our new delegation can look forward to the following events and conferences:

  • Weekly meetings on Wednesdays, 7pm
  • Kick-off weekend: winter semester
  • Joint sessions with the other delegations
  • Conferences: IsarMUN, EuroMUN and others at request of the delegation

Our concept

Every year, we choose a broad range of conferences that our delegates can participate in. Through weekly meetings, a kick-off weekend and joint sessions with our sister society MUNAM, we seek to provide optimal preparation that allows our delegates to excel in the international MUN circuit. This preparation aims to strengthen core skills, such as rhetoric, language, diplomacy and negotiation skills.

At the same time, MUNTUM in itself is an environment for our delegates to stay in touch with international politics and discuss their views with peers who share their interest.

Weekly debates with your delegation as well as your final appearance on the world stage will mark an unforgettable period in your study life!

What are our assessment criteria?

  • Good English language skills
  • High level of interest in foreign relations and international politics
  • Previous team or social work
  • Commitment to contribute to MUNTUM

Any questions? Send us an email: info[at]worldmun[dot]de

We look forward to turning you into a delegate on the world stage!