MUNTUM @ IsarMUN 2016

MUNTUM @ IsarMUN 2016

Our delegates participated in the IsarMUN conference, hosted by our friends from MUNAM at the LMU.

Under the theme “Stream of Change”, they represented various nations’ interests in the UNHRC, EU Council, ECOSOC, NATO and the Security Council. Advanced members chaired some of these committees. With pressing topics such as territorial conflicts in the Middle East or human rights in post-conflict zones, our delegates were faced with a considerable challenge. To raise the bar even further, each committee had to solve a demanding crisis, such as a coup in Macedonia.

Our delegates performed outstandingly, especially the first-timers. Special congratulations to our award winners: Sebastian Leicher, achieving an honourable mention in the Security Council, and Sarah Geiger, who won the best delegate award in the UNHRC!



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MUNTUM @ OxiMUN 2016

In mid-November, 9 of our delegates set out for the pictoresque city of Oxford to attend one oft he most prestigious conferences, OxIMUN 2016.

After many training sessions, our delegates finally had the chance to slip into the lives of real diplomats, to safeguard the interest of the United States of America, Brazil and the Czech Republic. They had the chance to discuss major issues such as the Kurdish peace process, TPP or preventing worldwide water conflicts.

In the Joint Crisis Committee, two of our delegates underwent sex and personality change and became Mary Lowndes and Margaret Ashton, two suffragettes from 1913, who managed to overthrow the British Government by bombing and storming of Westminster Palace, get voting rights for all women and appointed democratically the first female prime-minister.

Lastly, we concluded our weekend with two awards: best position paper for Britta Felzmann and Commendation for Leopold von Waldthausen. Well done!








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MUNTUM at the Investment Club’s Football Tournament

On June 2015, our delegation traded suits for jerseys and participated in the TU Investment Club’s football tournament, where various student initiatives of TUM participated in a series of matches. For our new delegation, the tournament was an important team-building event, and our delegates showed their abilities in participating in non-verbal confrontations.

Congratulations to AcademyConsult, the victors of the tournament! We look forward to a rematch.


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General Meeting of MUNTUM e.V.

On Wednesday, 25th May, our society held its annual meeting and elected its new board:

President: Victoria Treßel

Vice President: Arturo Buitrago

Treasurer: Nikita Kuhlen

Secretary: Mirko Kirschner

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Information Event

An information event will take place tomorrow, 25th May, at 18:30 in room 2100 (TUM Stammgelände).

Please be on time, we are looking forward to seeing you!

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