Project Objectives

Our mission statement

We have set ourselves ambitious goals. Some people, who see our project from an external position, might think that the TUM goes WorldMUN project does not really match with the technical orientation of our university.

Acquire independently key qualifications and skills

We, on the contrary, believe that especially at a technical university such a project should be established to give students the possibility to gain independently the social skills and knowledge they need in a globalized work environment. It is our aim as technical people to look beyond our own noses and to expand our qualifications. Because only if we understand current political problems, and are able to look for and find its solutions, we can meet the requirements of international companies and organizations.

Achieve a deeper understanding of foreign cultures

Another aim of equal value is to gain confidence in dealing with different cultures and people, in order to create a better understanding of the foreign in our more and more coalescing world. We see it as our responsibility as global citizens and want to contribute to a change towards a better global social interaction. The understanding is fostered by the intensive preparation process of all participating students during which they develop a drastic increase of knowledge about a foreign country, its international relations and its political views.

Long-term establishment of the project at TU München

In the long term we want to establish this project as a permanent fixture of the Technische Universität München. This includes the establishment of the non-profit association MUNTUM e.V., in cooperation with students from the Ludwig-Maximilian University, the organization of the IsarMUN, as well as aiming at hosting the WorldMUN in the future. Not only do we want to participate at international conferences, we also want to bring them home. We are looking forward to that challenge.