TUM goes WorldMUN

About the Model UN society at TU München

At first glance it may be strange that students of the Technical University of Munich take part at a political event of the UN. But exactly this aspect spurred us to launch the TUMgoesWorldMUN project in 2007. The team consists of multiple students from different semesters and disciplines (for example: Electrical Engineering, Molecular Bioengineering, Physics, Technological and Management oriented Business Administration, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry and Financial Mathematics) and prepares itself for the participation at WorldMUN through weekly meetings and preparatory weekends.

The team is also supported by a Faculty Advisor. During the preparation different topics (for example: Peacekeeping operations, Kyoto Protocol, World Bank, International Monetary Fund etc.) are discussed mostly in English. Each participant prepares intensively in his personal sphere, for he/she will represent a land assigned by Harvard.

During the weekly meetings and preparatory weekends the positions of the different spheres are tuned and adjusted with each other so that all participants can represent the position of the country in a best possible way. The simulation links the acquisition of social and thematic professional competences.